Originally posted on Wordpress on February 12, 2020.

This article is for anyone interesting in learning how to ride a motorcycle, or in using the Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC) toward the driving portion of their California motorcycle license test.


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

On February 8th, a week after my LASIK surgery, I took an MTC in Norwalk, CA. It was a 2-day course for $350, and they provide learner bikes. If you don’t have your own motorcycle helmets, they provide those as well. …

Thank you both for spearheading this initiative! You're helping Airbnb become a more global company by inducting diverse backgrounds.

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I'm graduating from my coding bootcamp today (Mar 18, 2021!!), so I'll be applying to this very soon.

By the way: I know that Github repositories are a huge part of working on a team. For those who would like a refresher on Git vs. Github, or have friends who are interested in learning how to code, I wrote an article introducing Github with the aim to make coding more accessible!:


Scenario: After a user signs up, I want to redirect to the Login page but with their email address already populated into the form.

Author’s Note: I couldn’t figure out how to login and redirect to the Profile page after creating an account. I got it to work on my local browser, but not on Heroku, and then afterward, it stopped working on my localhost even with localStorage.clear(). Hence, I decided to redirect to the Login page in the code below, instead of the Profile page.

If you’re using functional components in React, use the below on your sign up…

Proof of Yelp Elite

The Scam

In 2018, shortly after I moved to San Francisco, I signed up for a club called ‘Events & Adventures.’ I had seen ads for it in the BART (the Bay Area subway system), and my Scoop carpool driver said he heard ads for it on the radio.

But before I continue: EVENTS & ADVENTURES IS A SCAM. You have been warned.

What E&A claimed to be was a social club for single young professionals, which honestly sounds great, right? Have fun at cool events that are professionally organized, and also make friends and remove the tedium from modern dating?

The 5th one for seeing how long it takes for something to run is super helpful. Thanks for sharing console.time('sameString') and console.timeEnd('sameString')!

This article is part of my “Intro to Github 101” trilogy:

- What is Github?

- How to use Github

- How to group Github

I remember when I first heard about Github, I was so confused by how it worked. All the tutorials I found mentioned command lines but didn’t explain them, which made things all the more daunting. Wasn’t the point of Github to not have to deal with Terminal commands, to store my coding projects online so I didn’t have to keep them on my laptop?

Spoiler Alert: It is not.

Extra Spoiler Alert: It’s meant to…

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